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Sittwe Myanmar

Sittwe – The Sleepy Tropical Hotspot with Picturesque Waterfronts

Sittwe – The Sleepy Tropical Hotspot with Picturesque Waterfronts

Born as the battlefield where King Bodawpaya defeated the Kingdom of Mrauk-U, Sittwe gained prominence in the 19th century when the British established it as a major port on Myanmar’s west coast. Today, it serves as the capital of the Rakhine (Arakan0 State and the tropical town where one can escape from the chaos and openly flaunt a laidback attitude. Visited mainly as a stop on the way to Mrauk U, Sittwe has its own share of delightful highlights for the visitors.

Things to Do at Sittwe

Watch the Mesmerizing Confluence: Sittwe witnesses the captivating confluence of Rivers Kaladan, Lay Mro and Mayu, eventually emptying the water in the Bay of Bengal. The entire process is a treat to watch.

Savour the Rural Charm

The spectacular rendezvous with the ancient region begins as you prefer to enter the town on a slow boat cruise from Sittwe. The town welcomes its visitors to the herds of goats, ox-driven carts, radish farms and uninterruptedly smiling people. Watch people as they customarily chew betel nuts, draw water from wells and dress up peculiarly, but have the hearts of gold.

The Mesmerizing Waterfronts: Get ready for some extremely refreshing leisurely strolls alongside the beaches and waterfronts which turn immensely serene, gorgeous and soothing during the sunset.

Hangout at The Point: Where the Strand Road ends, this fabulous vantage point lets the visitors feast their eyes on the unbound Indian Ocean and irresistibly pristine sceneries. Built on a rock, the place has a watch tower, a light house and a look-out deck from where one can view rivers, mountains and islands. Sittwe Beach and Harbour are also accessible from this tourist hotspot.

Unique Heritage:Shwe Zedi Kyaung (once the home to the first political monk of the country) and Pyay-Lone-Chan-Thar Pharagri are the Buddhist heritage sites.
Don’t miss a visit to Ahkyaib-daw, a Buddhist Pagoda dating back to the 3rd century BCE and believed to have Buddha’s maxillary bone at its foundation.
Rakhine State Cultural Museum is must-visit for exploring old stone inscriptions, figurines, coins, paintings, musical instruments, hair-knots and other artefacts.
Maka Kuthala Kyaungdawgyi, a colonial mansion-turned-museum exhibits Buddhist and colonial era collections.

Rakhine Food: Relish the spicy Rakhine preparations, especially the fish curries, at the local restaurants. Take out time to visit the fish markets where unlimited varieties of fishes can be discovered on display.
Spend a couple of days at Sittwe to get completely absorbed in the world which retains its old world charm so magnificently.

  • Watch the Mesmerizing Confluence
  • The Mesmerizing Waterfronts
  • Hangout at The Point
  • Unique Heritage
  • Rakhine Food

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