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Mrauk U Myanmar

Mrauk U – Adding Mysterious and Ancient Burma to the Tourist Radar

Mrauk U – Adding Mysterious and Ancient Burma to the Tourist Radar

Mythology states its establishment by a prince born out of a monkey’s egg, while historically it served as the capital of the powerful medieval Kingdom of Rakhine State. The riddles and legends surrounding the ancient town of Mrauk U add to its mystifying profile which attracts most of the tourists visiting Myanmar. Once an immensely significant trading port, the place today is worth exploring for its archaeological and religious landscape and the heart-warming rural lifestyle.

Scenic Backdrops

Located on the outcrop of Rakhine Yoma, Mrauk U enjoys the marvellous views of River Kaladan. Wake up early in the morning and be a speechless spectator to one of the most magnificent sunrise views ever. Mostly the hilly terrain, the place is also affluent in its share of mangroves, lakes and marshlands.

Savour the Rural Charm

The spectacular rendezvous with the ancient region begins as you prefer to enter the town on a slow boat cruise from Sittwe. The town welcomes its visitors to the herds of goats, ox-driven carts, radish farms and uninterruptedly smiling people. Watch people as they customarily chew betel nuts, draw water from wells and dress up peculiarly, but have the hearts of gold.

Tourism Hotspots

Fascinating Temples: Buddhist pagodas and temples at Mrauk U are as remarkable as those at Bagan. Built of hew stone bricks, many temples boast of thousands of Buddha images, carvings and sculptures, vaulted passages and fort-like constructions. Must-visit temples include Koethaung (with 90,000 images), Shitethaung (with 80,000 images), Htukkanthein and Andawthein.

Archaeological Sites: Explore the ruins of the Royal Palace that still don’t fail to impress. The Archaeological Museum houses Buddhist artefacts and collections of old coins, paintings and inscriptions.

Excursions: Don’t miss a visit to the Chin Tribal Villages where people spot interesting tattoos on their faces. Other places in the close proximity include Wethali Village and Mahamuni Paya.
Mrauk U refuses to leave its centuries-old lifestyle which is now open for the foreign tourists. As a visitor to this ancient land, you will be fully entertained by the drama that unfolds.

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